Comparative Performance of NeuGen Plus..

Check out the latest article titled “NATURAL ESTER DIELECTRIC LIQUIDS FOR TRANSFORMERS AND OTHER HV APPARATUS” By Valery G. Davydov that appeared in issue 3 2014 of Transmission & Distribution magazine.

This article is a short comparative view of NeuGen’s performance compared to other natural ester oils and mineral oil.

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NeuGen has a new official distribution partner...

Biolectric is pleased to announce the appointment of NeuGen’s official distribution partner IMCD Australia Ltd (“IMCD”). IMCD will distribute Biolectric’s NeuGen range of dielectric fluid exclusively throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as opening up international markets through their extensive sales and distribution network.

IMCD was established in 1897 and is part of the worldwide IMCD Group. IMCD is a global leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of specialty chemicals and food ingredients. Through their technical, marketing and supply chain expertise, Biolectric’s products will have a significant increase in resources to support market penetration.

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Patent suite continues to grow...

Biolectric is pleased to announce that we have recently received our Letters of Patent for our low viscosity vegetable based transformer insulating oil in the following jurisdictions;

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • The United States of America
  • The People’s Republic of China

Patent protection is a key element of Biolectric’s intellectual property management strategy, which underpins our business model of commercialisation through licensing and technology transfer.

We have further patent application pending examination in Europe and Canada and look forward to receiving Letters of Patent in these jurisdictions in the future.


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