An essential component of any electrical generation and transmission system is the transformer. Transformers require dielectric fluid to operate and it performs two important functions - insulating and cooling. Traditionally, electric power transformers are cooled and insulated by mineral oil.

Mineral oil-based dielectric liquids have been widely used in power and distribution transformers for over a century. Mineral oil has dominated the market for many years due to its wide availability and relatively low cost, however there has been a growing interest in an alternative fluids that address the supply and environmental issues associated with petroleum products.

Industry needs a transformer oil that provides environmental benefits at all stages of its life cycle. For a green future, oils need to be sustainable and biodegradable.

Research undertaken by Biolectric has overcome vegetable oil’s susceptibility to oxidation and developed a range of vegetable oil based dielectric fluids, NeuGen.

Transformers represent one of the largest investments that a company will make and it is imperative that it is serviced with the best available products. NeuGen properties ensure that you get the most of service life out of your valuable equipment.


is environmentally friendly, operationally superior and cost effective.
can be fitted to most types of transformers and can be retrofitted to transformers currently in service.
can be used in a range of environmental conditions.
assists in extending the service life of transformers.
assists in reducing risk of transformer failure.






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